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Invited Speakers Programme


  • Hermann D. Schworm, Germany


  • Branislav Stankovic, Serbia
  • Daniela Cioplean, Romania
  • Rosario Gomez de Liano, Spain

ESA Lecture by Jan-Tjeerd de Faber - "Adventures of a Strabologist"

Round tables:

  1. "Surgery for Inferior Oblique Overaction / Superior Oblique Palsy-Different Approaches Leading to the Same Goal"

    Moderator: H. Schworm, Germany

    • J. Holmes, USA : "Factors Influencing Choice of Procedure for Apparent SO Palsy"
    • A. Molinari, Ecuador : "When Inferior Oblique Weakening is Not Enough for Superior Oblique Palsy"
    • P. F. Kaeser, Switzerland : "Single or Combined Oblique Muscle Surgery in Superior Oblique Palsy"
    • V. Paris, Belgium : "Intra-Operative Adjustment of Oblique Surgery Under General or Topical Anesthesia"
    • H. D. Schworm, Germany : "Different Techniques for Inferior Oblique Overaction and SO Palsy"
  2. "Management of Intermittent Exotropia"

    Moderator: B. Stankovic, Serbia
    Panellists: B. Mohney, USA , K. Romanchuk, Canada , J. Sloper, UK , H. Steffen, Germany , S. Farzavandi, Singapore , J. M. Hwang, Koreea


  1. "Imaging in Strabismus Surgery"

    Moderator: R. Gomez de Liano, Spain

    • M. Sato, Japan : "Imaging in Superior Oblique Palsy"
    • C. Bok-Beaube, France : "Clinical and Image Correlation in Thyroid Strabismus"
    • R. Gomez de Liano, Spain : "Imaging in Highly Myopic Restrictive Strabismus"
    • T. Negishi, Japan : "Imaging in Consecutive Exotropia"
    • F. Velez, USA : "Imaging in Injured Muscles"
  2. "Re-operations in Strabismus Surgery"

    Moderator: D. Cioplean, Romania

    • D. Sprunger, USA : "Re-operations in Thyroid Ophthalmopathy"
    • D. Thouvenin, France : "Re-operations on the MRM After Faden"
    • S. Olitsky, USA : "Re-operations on the Oblique Muscles in Consecutive Strabismus"
    • L. Teodorescu, Romania : "Re-operations for Residual DVD"
    • S. Ozkan, Turkey : "Vicious Scarring After Multiple Surgery Strabismus"
    • D. Cioplean, Romania : "Re-operation Strategies for Lost MRM After Multiple Surgeries for Strabismus"


  1. "The III-rd Nerve Palsy"

    Moderator: C. Schiavi

    • G. B. Marcon, Italy : "Neuro-imaging in III-rd Nerve Palsy"
    • A. Spielmann, France : "Synkinesia in III-rd Nerve Palsy"
    • S. Ozkan, Turkey : "Problems and Solutions in Surgical Treatment of Third Nerve Palsy"
    • M. Graef, Germany : "Transposition Surgery for III-rd Nerve Palsy"
  2. Orthoptic Course: "The Eye in Focus: Accommodation and Vergence Dynamics and Anomalies"

    Moderator: K. McMain, Canada

    • A. Rydberg, Sweden - Accommodative and Vergence Anomolies
    • G. Stephenson, UK - Vergence Adaptation – Clinical Uses of a Physiological Phenomenon
    • A. Horwood, UK - Convergence Accommodation Trumps Accommodative Convergence

Difficult Case Presentation: "I Wish I Didn’t Do That…"

Moderator: O. Haugen, Norway

  • D. Yuksel, Belgium
  • M. Hummelen, Norway
  • O. Ehrt, Germany

John Lee’s Rapid Fire Poster Presentation

Moderator: J. T. de Faber, Netherlands

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